Telluride Technologies

Telluride Technologies was an enterprise software company with a compelling software solution focused on distributed commerce management applications. Located in Dallas, Texas, Telluride was founded and managed by many of the former senior executives from i2 Technologies. Telluride created a proprietary distributed commerce management software suite by identifying, acquiring and integrating several existing point solutions in the areas of distributed order management, distributed workflow applications, distributed channel management and distributed business intelligence.

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Financial Advisory

The undersigned acted as the financial advisor to Telluride Technologies.

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Client Testimonials

"Hyde Park’s team guided us through the process, providing us with a number of high quality counter-parties, and supported us through the transaction structuring, negotiation and due diligence. We are very pleased with the outcome and excited for the future of DTS.”
Allen Ibaugh, Co-Founder and CEO of Data Transfer Solutions
“We enjoyed working with Hyde Park Capital and appreciated their M&A expertise in the technology services sector and their help on this important transaction.”
Chris Toepke, CEO of Trifecta
“We very much appreciated the assistance of Hyde Park Capital on this strategic acquisition for ITE. Their M&A experience was quite helpful to our team and the overall process and assured the deal was well executed and we got it closed on schedule.”
Scott Dols, CEO of Industrial Truck & Equipment, LLC