Marketing Consultants

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Kenneth Burnside

Business Development Officer, Southeastern United States and Marketing Consultant

Mr. Kenneth Burnside, President of Kenneth R. Burnside, LLC serves Hyde Park Capital Advisors, LLC, as a Marketing  Consultant in creating marketing strategies, brand building and business development in the southeastern United States.

Mr. Burnside’s professional background spans over thirty years in the financial services industry. As President of The Burnside Group, Inc., his firm specialized in investment banking, securities, investment advisory, real estate syndications and corporate finance. Mr. Burnside has contracted with many financial services companies to include: Raymond James and Associates as Vice President of Partnership Investment Banking;  First Capital Corporation, a national real estate syndicator of public and private real estate transactions, where he served as Executive Vice President; Munimae Midland Inc., a national real estate syndicator, specializing in IRS Section 41 tax credits to fund the development of low income housing.

During his tenure in financial services industry he has been responsible for raising hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients.