I want to sell my business.  Where do I start?

Finding an experienced advisor like Hyde Park Capital is the most important first step.  It may be one of the most important decisions you ever make.

What is my business worth?

Valuing your business to determine its worth is a specialty at Hyde Park Capital.  Our experienced team will review your company and determine the right value.

When is the right time to sell my business?

Timing is very important and often there is a limited window of opportunity to sell your business to receive the best possible value.  Hyde Park Capital understands these windows and can advise on when might be the best possible time to sell your business to receive the highest possible sale price.

How do I structure a sale?

Hyde Park Capital has been structuring these deals for the last 15 years and has done over 100 transactions.   They know how to structure the deal to receive the maximum value for your business.

Who wants to buy my business?

Hyde Park Capital finds potential buyers whether financial sponsor or strategic buyer and vets these bids for the maximum value.

I need to raise capital to fund growth.  How do I do that?

At Hyde Park Capital we specialize in relationships with private equity funds.  We are able to structure a deal whether majority or minority to obtain the best results for you and your company.

My public company needs to make sure the deal we’ve structured is fair.  Where do we start?

Hyde Park Capital renders fairness opinions, which is a professional evaluation as to whether the terms of the merger, acquisition, buyback, spin-off or privatization are fair to the parties involved.

What is the cost?

Hyde Park Capital’s fee is based on selling your business.  If the sale does not happen, the only expense to you is a minimal retainer fee.